Dylan is a 12 year old drum prodigy from New Jersey. He showed an early affinity for drums when he banged around on his first set which he got for his second Christmas. But we really noticed his Dylan Rocks the Drums Logoability a few years later when we played the video game Rock Band. He was playing on the highest level in days and was scoring 100%, we then knew how well he could keep time on the “drums.”

Since we had no idea how or if this would translate on real drums, we bought him a kit and watched. We were shocked to say the least as he took to it easily and we had to make him stop for food, sleep and bathroom breaks.

Soon he was working with a drummer who is a family friend. He said “I don’t have to teach him, he knows how to play, I’m going to just guide him through the song.” He was just as stunned as we were to see Dylan’s natural ability. He then went on to play in his school’s Holiday talent shows and blew the audience away. People kept saying they never saw anything like this. Dylan has since played in local talent competitions which he invariably won, as well as for local charity fundraisers where he continues to impress all who watch him.

Dylan played a KISS show in full Catman makeup at a local kids funplex where he rocked the house again. Soon after, KISSONLINE posted the video on their site.

In September 2012, Dylan was asked to perform at the NJ KISS Expo in Edison N.J. He not only wowed the hundreds of appreciative KISS fans but also amazed the original Kiss drummer, Peter Criss, who offered encouragement as well as an autographed drum head. Dylan has already been invited to play at the 2013 convention and needless to say, accepted happily.

He recently formed a band called Half Normal with close friends John Pergolizzi, Jeff Tallman, and Reed Laverty.  You can check out their website at

Dylan also enjoys shooting music videos and is involved with the production and editing of the videos. If you have any request of songs you want to see him play, please send him an email.

Dylan has started a band and we’ll be posting updates on their progress shortly…stay tuned!

We think you will agree that he is something special when you watch him here for yourself. Because Dylan Rocks The Drums!

Contact Dylan at *protected email*

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